January 20, 2018–AGIIS Enhancements 2018

Verification Date Enhancement

AGIIS was enhanced on Saturday, January 20, 2018 allowing the AGIIS Directory Administrator to update the "Last Verification Date" on an entity even if the requested update is declined.

Before, if a subscriber requested Member Services verification (phone or web verification) on updated entity demographics, and the update was declined after performing verification, the "Last Verification Date" did not update. With this enhancement, the "Last Verification Date" will update regardless if the demographic update is accepted or declined. 

In the example below, phone verification was requested on an update to the mailing address.  In the side by side comparison of the history, you can see that no update to the entity demographics were made, yet the "Last Verified" field was changed from "None" to "Member Services Level: Tier 2- Phone/Email + Web Verification on 01/22/2018." Member Services verification determined that the existing address on the entity was correct.  The update was declined, but because a phone verification was performed confirming the address, the "Last Verified" field is updated with the date and type of verification performed.

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