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Future Vision Task Force Work Continues 

AgGateway members have been exploring the next generation of identification and collaboration resources – that is, the next generation beyond the current AGIIS directory. It has been generally acknowledged that a next generation platform will be needed in the future, based on member-defined and driven needs and requirements. A planning team has been working on this initiative, with member lead David Surber of Dow AgroSciences. The staff liaison is Brent Kemp.

Objectives: Deliver a recommended solution to increase access to identification in agriculture; improve visibility to reference data for field operations, regulatory reporting and supply chain processes; and tools that support implementation of collaborative communication and information exchange using industry standards.

Current (2017) Goals: The current working team will deliver a report on current state to the Strategic Board with potential paths forward and key concepts for consideration. If a “stay the course” determination is made, then an RFP document will be presented by the end of Q1 2017 for consideration and action by the board and membership. The planning team is reviewing content developed in 2012-2015 to determine if assumptions and plans developed in that time remain accurate and relevant. When this review is complete, an updated scope of need will be shared with the Strategic Board for consideration. The team is considering needs in light of technological advances in the past three years, especially surrounding reference data for field operations, fields and products introduced to those fields. 

Future Vision Presentation


Future Vision Task Force Cheat Sheet is available here.

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