Getting Started

If you want to connect with a trading partner for the first time there are plenty of resources to support you. We work directly with members to determine their best options for getting connected.

  1. Are you a member of AgGateway? If not, consider joining so you have full access to all of the materials in this section. 
  2. Browse through some of the AgGateway 2-page case studies to see how others have benefitted from connectivity. 
  3. As a first step in getting connected, for AgGateway members and those still considering membership, take AgGateway’s eConnectivity Readiness Survey. Submit your completed survey to Member Services (, and we’ll contact you to develop a plan of action that’s tailored to your business needs. (There is no cost for this readiness review; it is provided as part of AgGateway’s mission to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture.)
  4. Watch an 18-minute webinar on eBusiness readiness that can help your organization understand what you’ll need to do to prepare for eBusiness. Click here. 
  5. For a brief introduction to eBusiness, review the white paper, “eBusiness Fundamentals for the Agriculture Professional; Why eBusiness is Essential to Today’s Agricultural Businesses,” by Jim Wilson, AgGateway Standards Director. 
  6. For those who want hands-on assistance from AgGateway, we offer “enabling services” which includes knowledge transfer and advice on next steps; some companies also opt to retain project management assistance and consulting services to help them get started in eBusiness. Interested in these services? Just email us at and we'll get you started. 
  7. To find out which member companies are connected electronically, and which companies are capable of specific messages, members can use our eConnectivity directory here.
  8. You can also check out the "Quick Connect" documents from the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting: Quick Connect – XML Messages (6-12-18) and Quick Connect – Trading Partner Capabilities (6-12-18).
  9. For members who are confident managing the project and using the resources provided here, but have limited technical resources to make connections, consider our Allied Providers.These AgGateway member companies conceive, design, build, deploy and support electronic information management systems and accompanying services. Many have assisted AgGateway members in getting connected and can be hired to assist you. Click here for a list of Allied Providers and enter “connectivity” or “connections” in the search box. 
  10. Members managing their own projects may want to review the many resources available on our Project Management wiki page.
  11. Explore the rest of this “Get Connected” section for additional information and access to resources (see menu upper right.). 
  12. At any time, feel free to contact AgGateway’s Member Services desk for assistance at or call +1 (866) 251-8618.

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