White Paper: eBusiness Fundamentals

White Paper: eBusiness Fundamentals

This paper, “eBusiness Fundamentals for the Agriculture Professional:  Why eBusiness is Essential to Today’s Agricultural Businesses,” by Jim Wilson, AgGateway Standards Director, gives a general overview of why eBusiness is critical to the ongoing success of agricultural businesses, and gives some basic guidance on how to incorporate eBusiness into corporate strategy. It then lays out eBusiness fundamentals, key organizations involved in ag eBusiness, and implementation fundamentals.

eBusiness Fundamentals White Paper [PDF]

1. The Essential Role of eBusiness In Ag Business Strategy 
  •  The Reality of Change 
  •  Current Ag Approaches to eBusiness
  •  How to Integrate eBusiness into Your Business Plan 
2. eBusiness Fundamentals
  • Processes 
  • Messages 
  • Identifiers
  • Message Transport & Routing
  • Data Security, Ownership, & Privacy
  • Message Creation & Consumption 
3. eBusiness Standards, Guidelines, and Implementation Technologies
  • Organizations
  • AgGateway
  • OAG
  • AgXML
  • AEF
  • ISO
  • GS1
  • Others
  • Business Process Guidelines
  • Message Standards and Implementation Technologies
  • Identifier Standards, Guidelines, and Implementation Technologies
  • Transport & Routing Standards and Guidelines, and Implementation Technologies
  • Reference Data Implementation Technology
  • Data Ownership and Privacy Guidelines 
4. Conclusion

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