Wednesday, December 07, 2016
New Member

Campbell Scientific

By Nancy Appelquist, Entira, Chair of the Communications Committee

New AgGateway member Campbell Scientific manufactures dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products used worldwide in research and industry. The instrumentation is known for its flexibility, precision measurements, and dependability—even in harsh, remote environments. Campbell Scientific designs and manufactures a range of dataloggers, from the most basic system with just a few channels, to expandable systems that measure hundreds of channels. Their systems feature wide operating temperature ranges, low power use, and the ability to store a large number of measurements.

According to Bart Nef, Environmental Group Product Manager for Campbell Scientific, their data loggers and sensors can read anything a grower might need to track such as wind speed, soil conditions, etc. Although there are roughly 160 different things they measure, right now the PAIL project is concentrating on meteorological and soil measurements. Bart first heard about AgGateway and the PAIL project through his association with Charles Hilliard from Oregon State University. Mr. Hilliard was gathering weather data for a nationwide database and found AgGateway’s standards setting goals to be perfectly in line with what he was trying to accomplish, and knew that Campbell Scientific would be interested. They are now looking more closely at the irrigation aspect in terms of figuring out how much and when to put the water down to maximize yield but minimize water usage.

The long term goal for Campbell Scientific is to help create a common format that is used worldwide and in turn define products to match that format and open up new markets. We wish Bart and Campbell Scientific lots of luck in achieving those goals.

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