New Case Studies Highlight AgGateway Success


New Case Studies Highlight AgGateway Success

By Susan Ruland AgGateway Communications Director

Be sure to visit the new case study webpage, where we’re posting impressive, concise and informative 2-page case studies as members complete them. Already we have great contributions from Ceres Solutions, Co-Alliance LLP, The Equity, Key Cooperative, GROWMARK and JR Simplot. Each case study highlights benefits of electronic connections made by the various companies. The flyers are designed to be easily reviewed by business management -- they even feature a column of “key points” that make it easy to see the value and ROI in working with AgGateway standards and resources.

Consider sharing these case studies with your management and trading partners to clearly demonstrate the benefits of investing in the transition to digital agriculture.

If you’re a member and would like to contribute a case study, simply use the template posted in the right column of the webpage, and provide me with the information indicated. I’ll help you polish it up and get it “published”. We plan to continue building this library with a full range of case studies to help promote AgGateway’s mission and the success of our members!