AgGateway 2020

Planning Proceeding for AgGateway 2020

By Doug Farrington, Chair of the Strategic Board

The AgGateway Strategic Board is continuing with planning needed to ensure that AgGateway is ready to address the dynamic needs of the industry during the transition to digital agriculture, and that we remain positioned as the “go-to” resource for industry collaboration and transformation.

This planning comes after members held numerous discussions on transformational change during the Mid-Year Meeting in June. The board is looking at both the structure and activities of AgGateway through the lens of our mission:

To promote and enable the industry's transition to digital agriculture, and expand the use of information to maximize efficiency and productivity.

As well as our long-term vision:

AgGateway is the trusted leader in enabling digital agriculture. We provide the trusted forum where resources are developed, global collaboration occurs and members are equipped so they can realize the benefits of digital agriculture, and the industry maximizes the power of information to operate profitably, safely and sustainably.

The board is using our mission and vision to guide our plans for 2019 and 2020.

We will provide updates to you as we formulate details of the plan; I expect that by the Annual Conference in Austin I’ll be able to give you a basic outline of the direction we are pursuing. For now, if you have input on what should be in our plans moving forward, please feel free to post those thoughts on this AgGateway 2020 wiki page. In addition, we will be briefing the AgGateway Council and Committee leadership before Annual Conference on the direction of the board.

Thanks as always for your support of AgGateway and all the important work we do collaboratively to the benefit of the industry!