Job Description

AgGateway Seeks Director of Member Relations

By AgGateway COO and Executive Vice President Brent Kemp

AgGateway is seeking a Director of Member Relations; see the job description below. Marilyn Hunter, who is currently in the position, is scaling back her industry involvement but we’re pleased that she is aiding us in the transition.

The job description follows:

Job Summary:  AgGateway is a non-profit trade association leading the industry's transition to digital agriculture. AgGateway develops digital resources by member volunteers working collaboratively in Working Groups and then promotes digital-resource implementation. AgGateway is a member-based and member-driven organization and the Director of Member Relations is a critical role focused on ensuring members realize the value of their membership in the organization. This is a contracted position.

The Director of Member Relations oversees development, planning and management of the organization's membership initiatives including membership acquisition, engagement and retention programs. The role also facilitates the planning and execution for the organization's annual meetings. The Director of Member Relations is a contract position which works closely with other AgGateway staff including the Chief Technology Officer, Marketing Communications Director, Executive Vice President/COO, President/CEO and with Member Services.

Responsibilities:  The Director of Member Relations is responsible for the membership lifecycle and works with AgGateway staff and Member Services to ensure members experience a strong, positive relationship with AgGateway. The role also identifies and implements opportunities to maximize the value of membership.

The Director of Member Relations develops the membership acquisition, engagement and retention plan(s) and works with the members and staff to identify target companies to meet annual membership goals. Working with Member Services and the Membership Advisory Group, the Director of Member Relations ensures rapid assimilation and engagement of new AgGateway members in AgGateway activities, working groups and meetings. Through regular discussions with members, the Director promotes and encourages member implementation of the AgGateway standards, tools and guidelines and gathers information to identify unmet needs, opportunities for organizational improvement, and how to better engage members and ensure they maximize the value of their membership.

The Director of Member Relations provides oversight and direction, and arranges training for Member Services, which is the first point of contact for members with questions. Intended to be a "one-stop shop" to address members’ general information needs, Member Services is a call center service provided through a third-party contractor. The Director of Member Relations is also the leader for a Member Advisory Group which provides input in the areas of membership orientation, mentoring and assimilation.

The Director of Member Relations is the staff lead for the AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting and the Annual Conference in North America, and provides strategic support as needed for annual membership meetings in the other regions. The Director provides direction and oversight to the Conference Committee and the conference service vendor. Working with these groups and the Regional Director(s) as appropriate, the Director of Member Relations plans, budgets and implements successful, high-quality meetings as well as the annual sponsorship drives for the meetings. Through the annual meetings and other activities, the director will serve as an ambassador and advocate for AgGateway within the industry.

As with all AgGateway staff positions, the role also includes occasional duties as assigned by the President and/or the Executive Vice President to fulfill the needs of the organization.


  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, marketing, organization and time management skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, balance multiple activities, problem solve and develop results
  • Experience developing and managing against a budget to maximize ROI
  •  Strong customer focus and service orientation with significant experience in customer interactive role preferred
  •  Practical knowledge of the agricultural industry and processes is a plus
  • Comfortable with virtual office environment and working with remote teams
  • Some travel is required, including attendance at the face-to-face North American meetings of the organization (currently Mid-Year Meeting and Annual Conference).

Resume and cover letter should be sent by December 13 to