Job Description

AgGateway Seeks Portfolio Manager

By AgGateway COO and Executive Vice President Brent Kemp

AgGateway is seeking a Portfolio Manager. The job description follows:

Job Summary: AgGateway is a non-profit trade association leading the industry's transition to digital agriculture. We do this through development and implementation of digital resources produced by member volunteers working collaboratively in Working Groups. In order to effectively and efficiently facilitate, manage and communicate the successes of these working groups, AgGateway is implementing a portfolio management process to be led by the AgGateway Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager is a contracted role. The Portfolio Manager will work closely with other AgGateway staff including the Chief Technology Officer, the Marketing and Communications Director, Executive Vice President/COO and the President/CEO.

Responsibilities: The Portfolio Manager is responsible for the content and management of AgGateway work portfolio, and particularly the tools used to capture, monitor, maintain and report against such work.

The Portfolio Manager acts as convener for the Portfolio Management Team. The Portfolio Management Team consists of member volunteers as defined in the applicable Policies and Procedures. The Team is responsible for collecting reports from AgGateway Working Groups, socializing information to various stakeholders, evaluating and prioritizing Working Group funding requests as applicable, and acting as the first level of escalation in the event of Working Group conflicts. The Portfolio Manager will work with member companies to identify candidates for consideration as members of the Team, and take such nominated names to the Board of Directors for approval and appointment.

The Portfolio Manager develops and socializes reports, dashboards, and other resources that are used to promote awareness of AgGateway's portfolio of ideas, working group activities, and other team efforts that deliver valuable output. The Portfolio Manager works closely with the Marketing and Communications Director to ensure members and industry are informed on the progress of Working Groups. The Portfolio Manager also works in close coordination with the Chief Technical Officer in that Officer’s capacity as Digital Resource Center lead to ensure that the Digital Resource Development Process is followed and that digital resources developed through the portfolio are correctly documented.

The Portfolio Manager should expect to travel approximately 10 times per year. Attendance at the face to face meetings of the organization (currently Mid-Year and Annual) is required.

As with all AgGateway staff positions, the role also includes occasional duties as assigned by the President and/or the Executive Vice President, or to fulfill needs of the organization.

Qualifications: The Portfolio Manager should:

  • Possess significant working experience with project and portfolio management processes, practices and tools;
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills in order to understand member reporting needs and expectations;
  • Know how to develop and foster a sense of teamwork and community among staff and volunteers;
  • Be a clear and effective communicator with strong verbal and writing skills;
  • Have experience developing and managing against a budget
  • Have experience in effectively leading and/or facilitating meetings as applicable.
  • It is preferred, but not required, that the Portfolio Manager possess Project Management Professional certification.

Resume and cover letter should be sent by October 31 to