Teams Can Now Use Implementation Notes to Encourage Adoption of AgGateway Resources


Teams Can Now Use "Implementation Notes" to Encourage Adoption of AgGateway Resources

By Jessica Trites-Rolle, Chair of the Precision Ag Council

AgGateway has a new way to spread the word about AgGateway digital resources: the Implementation Note! This is an easy to review, 2-page fact sheet that can be shared to guide a reader through a process, to encourage companies to implement a particular resource. The Precision Ag Council communications team - part of the Communications Committee – created the Implementation Note template so that AgGateway groups can easily share details and next steps on how to implement specific AgGateway resources.

The template is available for any team to use in promoting a resource – consider putting one together! The format provides background and summary information on page 1, including a sidebar that lays out, "in a nutshell", the problems and solutions the Note discusses. Page 2 gets technical, preferably with a diagram or other visual aid, task actions, and next steps, as well as how the reader can get further information (using QR codes and hyperlinks to wiki pages containing more specific data is strongly encouraged).

The first Implementation Note provides a great model. It is on the PAIL irrigation standard. The Precision Ag Council is currently creating other notes. Implementation Notes can be stand-alone, but may often be part of a series.

We've set up an AgGateway webpage to list all completed Implementation Notes; we'll also post the notes to the project-specific page (e.g., the PAIL notes on the PAIL/irrigation web and wiki pages). As with other communications resources, Communications Director Susan Ruland is ready to help you put an Implementation Note together.

Want to create an Implementation Note but still have questions? Contact Member Services at

Let's share information on the great work we're doing and get others implementing!