Wednesday, December 07, 2016
What is eConnectivity?

With “eBusiness” as the end goal, making the actual connections across computer systems – “eConnectivity” – is critical to achieving that goal. AgGateway’s members create the eConnectivity that makes eBusiness possible.
In this section of our website, you’ll find the AgGateway building blocks of eConnectivity for the agriculture industry, including standards, guidelines, the AGIIS directory, eConnectivity tools, and projects that are furthering the work of implementing eBusiness.

Why Electronically Enable Business?
At a fundamental level, doing business requires the exchange of information between at least two parties. It would be unthinkable to transfer business information without the support of some electronic means – telephone, fax, email or electronic messaging (e.g., EDI).

AgGateway members work to reduce or eliminate human intervention in the electronic exchange of information. Less human intervention reduces labor costs. And this electronic compatibility between partners – eConnectivity – delivers higher quality and more timely information. That more timely information in turn enables businesses to take action to reduce excess inventory, deliver sufficient inventory to meet demand, sell more products, and solve any number of business challenges.

As eConnectivity is achieved, computer systems can “talk” to each other, and information can be delivered in seamless fashion to the final users that need it.

eConnectivity Documents
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