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AGIIS Duplicates Task Force (ADTF)


This Task Force focused on addressing the issue of duplicate entities, both real and perceived, within the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS). The group wanted to establish AGIIS as the industry benchmark for accurate and trusted information by defining a solution which eliminates existing duplicate entities and prevents the creation of new duplicate entities in AGIIS. Their work was completed in October 2011 with the presentation and approval of their proposal (to eliminate existing and prevent the creation of new duplicate entities in AGIIS) to the Directory Oversight Committee. Implementation of the recommendations began in November 2011 and will continue throughout 2012 assuming funding is available to complete the recommendations.

The proposal contains recommendations regarding the following elements:

  • Entity & Duplicate Definitions
  • Substandard Data Inactivation & Prevention
  • Third Name Field
  • Unique License Key
  • Address Considerations
  • AGIIS De-duplication
  • Subscriber Synchronization
  • Duplicate Reporting
  • Search/View Only Subscriber Update Functionality
  • Annual Maintenance – Entity
  • Education & Communication
  • Implementation Timeline

For the full ADTF Recommendation proposal please click here.

For additional information about the implementation, please refer to the AGIIS Improvement Implementation web page or contact Wendy Smith at

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AgGateway members may access the AGIIS DuplicatesTask Force Working Group by clicking here.
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