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When AGIIS was created from three previously distinct databases, the Allied Directory, the North American Purchaser Directory and the Product Directory, a primary consideration was to avoid the disruption of business function during and after the transition. Based on that decision, and enhancements implemented since, we now have a mix of legacy database rules and what was created over time, so the current set of entity rules are complex, occasionally inconsistent and may not reflect the needs of our subscribers today.

The Entity Rules Task Force was established to address these issues. Led by Brent Kemp (AgGateway) and Marilyn Hunter (AgGateway), the Task Force's objective was to review the current rules applying to entities and propose revised rules to present to the Directory Oversight Committee.  The proposed entity rules were to support the needs for entity identification in eBusiness for all councils. The group worked with the AGIIS Duplicates Task Force since that group worked on entity rules impacting duplicates in AGIIS.

The group presented their recommendationsto the DOC in late 2011 and received approval of all of the proposals. AgGateway staff members are currently working with CSC and the Directory Oversight Committee on the implementation plan. If you have any questions about the work of this task force, please contact Wendy Smith at

For Members
AgGateway members may access the AGIIS Entity Rules Task Force Working Group by clicking here.
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