Monday, March 02, 2015
Future Vision Task Force

Future Vision Task Force Work Continues 

Your feedback on the proposed AgGateway Platform Architecture Requirements is needed now

The Future Vision Task Force has re-presented the proposed AgGateway Platform Requirements document and expressed it as a series of wiki pages. The content has been streamlined to include more graphics and diagrams, and fewer lengthy blocks of text. The platform requirements have been separated out into architectural components which will better enable business and technical readers to find information of most interest to them. The story of the platform and its added value to the entire industry is front and center, clearly illustrating where agriculture is heading and why the platform is needed to address our eBusiness needs. 

AgGateway created and kicked off a Future Vision Task Force (FVTF) in late February 2012. Comprised of representatives of each of the Councils, the group was charged with identifying what the agricultural industry needs to foster eBusiness today and in the future, defining key eBusiness requirements that address the identified needs, assessing AgGateway’s current capabilities against those requirements, and determining what will be needed to enable them. The original deliverable, a general business requirements document, is still available for review and feedback.

The wiki content describes a proposal for a new AgGateway platform and its associated business requirements. It continues to be the opinion of the Future Vision Task Force that new development is required, and that attempting to retrofit or reconfigure our existing AGIIS solution would be technically and financially impractical to meet the anticipated needs and challenges facing the industry. The task force is also aware that its work - as inclusive as it was able to be - needs more comment and review from the industry. We look forward to input and feedback from the AgGateway membership to create the additional detail needed for a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Need a refresher on the task force and its original deliverable? Download the recorded broadcast of the October 16th Webinar - available for viewing HERE.  To download a PDF of the webinar, click here.


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AgGateway members may access the Future Vision Task Force Working Group by clicking here.
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