Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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While a lot of time and energy had been focused on entities over the years, less attention had been paid to the product side of AGIIS. With the addition of new councils with new types of products and increasing interest in expanding eConnectivity in existing councils, the time had come to take a step back and consider what we have today and what we need from a Product Directory perspective moving forward. This was the proposed task of the AGIIS Products Task Force.

The group focused on reviewing the current rules, process and application of the product aspects of AGIIS and creating a recommendation on a path forward to reduce barriers to use. The goal was to create a path forward to increase value, use, and consistency of the products in AGIIS, and support the eBusiness needs for all councils. The group considered the needs of all segments and worked with the Seed Council AGIIS Product Task Force, which was also working on the Product Directory from a Seed Council perspective.

The group presented its recommendations to the Directory Oversight Committee in late 2011 and received approval of all of the proposals. AgGateway staff members are currently working with CSC and the Directory Oversight Committee on the implementation plan.

If you have any questions about the work of this task force, please contact Wendy Smith at

For Members
AgGateway members may access the AGIIS Products Task Force Working Group by clicking here.
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