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For AGIIS Users
For AGIIS Users

If you are currently an AGIIS Subscriber, this section contains documents and links for using AGIIS.

AGIIS Directory – This is the online AGIIS Directory website.

AGIIS Enhancements – This section of the website covers how the AGIIS Directory has been enhanced to improve duplicate entity detection during the entity Add process using the AGIIS website.

AGIIS Improvement Implementation – In 2011 and in 2012, AgGateway created task forces to address various aspects of AGIIS. The groups were charged with proposing recommendations to improve AGIIS for use today and into the future by all the ag industry segments. As each group’s recommendations are approved by the Directory Oversight Committee (DOC), we create and execute an implementation plan. Information about the implementation of the recommended improvements can be found in this section.

[PDF] AGIIS Synchronization Document – This is a white paper that describes what synchronization is and its importance as it relates to timely and accurate information being passed electronically between you and your trading partners

[PDF] AGIIS Policy Document This document contains AGIIS policies and guidelines.

[PDF] Operational Procedures Guide – This document informs AGIIS users on the procedures performed by the Directory Administrator (AGIIS Help Desk).

[PDF] Authorized Vendor Assignment Agreement –This agreement is for AGIIS members who are using the AGIIS Directory for their clients.

    AGIIS Tutorials – These are step-by-step tutorials on how to use the various features of the AGIIS Directory.
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