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Crop Nutrient Connectivity Project (CNC)


The CNC Project’s purpose is to streamline the crop nutrient supply chain by developing industry defined business processes and functions and connecting electronically using an industry standard set of messaging tools and web services. Project participants will utilize and leverage implementation tools and standards already developed by RAPID and in use by RAPID sponsored projects. The project duration is anticipated to be two years. As a result, CNC participants will increase efficiencies and reduce the cost of contract to invoice business processes by using a proven approach to connect Crop Nutrient manufacturers and distributors.


The crop nutrient (fertilizer) industry is experiencing many issues in regard to the current contract to invoice process. The fertilizer industry recognizes the value of electronic connectivity and will adapt those tools stated below to meet the specific needs of the fertilizer segment of the agriculture industry.

The crop protection, seed and crop nutrient industries, through RAPID, have developed several eBusiness tools supporting effective eBusiness implementations: EDI transaction standards, XML message standards, business messaging engine (RAPID XML Engine), bar code standards, and common industry databases (AGIIS).

Many crop protection industry manufacturers and distributors have recognized the value of increased efficiency and productivity obtained by electronically exchanging messages supporting business processes/functions: order-to-invoice process. Nearly all of the same distributors in crop protection are also involved with the crop nutrient industry.

Recognizing the potential efficiencies, many manufacturers and distributors have initiated plans to connect to other crop nutrient trading partners for the Contract to Invoice process.


The mission is to achieve production-level electronic message exchanges supporting the targeted processes/functions between a desired number of fertilizer manufacturers and distributors by 12/31/2008.

Goals & Objectives

The Crop Nutrient Connectivity (CNC) project's goals and objectives are to:

  • Effectively optimize the supply chain through the contract to invoice process by implementing a broad-based, production-level exchange of XML-based messaging that supports an industry-defined set of business processes and functions.
  • Define the contract process and determine to either develop or adopt an existing contract message (AgXML).
  • Leverage Ag eStandards, AEC implementation business rules (where they apply), RAPID implementation tools, the AGIIS directory, and create any new business use case work necessary.
  • Determine a defined business process for trading contract to invoice that would decrease the amount of manual intervention that is needed by distributors and manufacturers.
  • Improve customer service and achieve response-time improvements for both distributors and manufacturers.
  • Reduce transaction errors and their associated cost.
  • Reduce the supply chain costs in general.

CNC project deliverables include:

  • Consistent e-business message use.
  • An implementation guide for future use by the entire industry.
AgGateway members can access the full documentation by clicking on the Crop Nutrient Connectivity Project under Working Groups > Projects > Completed.
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