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Crop Protection Canada Connectivity Project (CPCC)
The Crop Protection Canada Connectivity (CPCC) Project’s purpose is to streamline the Crop Protection supply chain in Canada by implementing industry defined business processes, functions and electronically connecting using an industry standard set of messaging tools and possibly web services with companies that did not participate in the original CPCC project.  Project participants will utilize and leverage the implementation tools and standards developed by AgGateway and implemented by the original CPCC Project participants.  CPCC participants will increase efficiencies and reduce the cost of doing business by using a proven approach already in use in the Crop Protection industry.

The project will be conducted in two distinct parts.  The primary activity in the first part of the project is standards alignment (design review).  The purpose of this activity is to ensure resolution of systems conflicts between the companies that are new to the CPCC process and those that are already operating under the AgGateway standard established in the initial project. During standards alignment, all companies involved will review the standards, business use cases and business rule to evaluate them against their systems.  The companies that did not implement CPCC previously, will align themselves with the original CPCC standards, business rules and business use cases and/or will work with all project companies to modify the standards, business rules or business use cases in a coordinated manner.  It is anticipated that this part of the project will last approximately 90-120 calendar days and will required each company to provide the appropriate business and technical resources for weekly conference calls during this period.

The second part of the project is transaction implementation (date for the start of this portion has not yet been determined).  This part of the project is more accurately described as a process.  The purpose of the implementation process is to initiate electronic data exchange among all the companies that trade with one another. Companies will implement the capability to securely connect with their respective trading partners, will create or have created the appropriate programs to export and import data in their business application system, will  work with the entire project group to resolve any additional issues or conflicts that arise during implementation, and will migrate the standards into their production systems.  The duration of this part of the project is entirely dependent on the independent implementation schedules agreed upon by each participant.  During this part of the project, participating companies will agree to make the appropriate business and/or technical representative available for one or more conference calls on an ‘as needed’ basis should an issue arise that requires a change to the standards.


In 2004-2006 the Crop Protection industry in the US conducted a connectivity project to connect trading partners for the order-to-invoice process as well as inventory and sales reporting electronically. Currently the US is conducting business electronically for approximately 70+% of domestic purchases. 

The Canadian Crop Protection industry has experienced many issues in regard to the order-to-invoice process. As was demonstrated in the US Crop Protection industry, the Canadian industry recognizes the value of electronic connectivity and will adapted those tools used in the US to meet its specific needs.

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