Monday, October 24, 2016
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Precision Ag Irrigation Leadership (PAIL)


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Technology has come a long way in helping growers irrigate their land in smarter ways. Producers can invest in soil mapping, install various types of pumping plants and flow meters, use soil sensors, put a VRI system on center pivots, and even tie some of these together through a few software applications. But none of these tools actually talk effectively or efficiently to each other. This project will help pull all of these together through an integrated decision support system (DSS) and makes that information available in an easy to use format. The goal is to enable farmers to improve their profit, while decreasing their use of water and energy.

The purpose of the Precision Ag Irrigation Language (PAIL) Project is to provide a common set of data standards to convert weather, soil moisture and other relevant data from a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware and software programs into an industry-wide format that can be downloaded and used by an irrigation data analysis and prescription program. Project deliverables will enable more efficient, easier-to-use solutions for growers, and the proposed standards will provide for extensibility for future use cases.

Any questions regarding this project, project manager Dan Berne ( ) or AgGateway’s Enabling Services Director, contact Marilyn Hunter (

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