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SPADE Project

Note: There is more information available on SPADE on AgGateway's wiki page, here.

SPADE: Making Data Sharing & Interoperability a Reality for Precision Agriculture

Formed in 2012 through a commonly recognized need, the Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange (SPADE) Project is a collaboration among agricultural suppliers of hardware, software, inputs, services, implements and vehicles for improved data exchange and interoperability. It targets farm operations of seeding, tillage, fertilizing, spraying and harvest to maximize the value of precision agriculture through seamless and transparent data exchange.  

SPADE’s vision for data flow in precision agriculture. Reference data helps ensure things have the same meaning for all participants.

SPADE seeks to:

  • Establish a framework of standards to simplify mixed-fleet field operations, regulatory compliance, crop insurance reporting, traceability, sustainability assessment and field or crop-scale revenue management.
  • Allow seamless data exchange between hardware systems and software applications that collect field data across farming operations.    
  • Make it easier for growers to share data with their trusted advisors, suppliers, and other value partners, who often use different system components
  • Lower the cost of entry for growers and ag retailers who want to use precision ag, through transparent data exchange and interoperability. 

SPADE will enable growers and agri-businesses to achieve:

  • Simplified data access, maintenance and recall with less hassle
  • Enhanced yield through simplified practice of site-specific operations
  • Improved net revenue performance with measureable results.

For more information and to get involved: Contact Jim Wilson at or +1 816-516-8847.

For Members
AgGateway members can access the full documentation by clicking on SPADE Project under Working Groups > Projects.
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