Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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Seed II Connectivity (SCII)
Seed II Connectivity (SCII)

 Both the original SC Project participants and several trading partners that did not participate in the initial SC project will be participating in SC-II. 

The first phase focuses on enhancements to the SC standards in the areas of Delivery Confirmation & Delivery Response, Ship Notices, Product Movement, Invoices and Price Sheets.  Additional topics explored in this phase include support for use of GTIN as product identifiers and AGIIS support for grower seed licensing information. The Booking and Order process was intentionally not in this phase as it is a significant effort in its own right. During phase one all project member companies will participate in the definition of business use cases, business rules and enhancements to the standards. 

The underlying goal is to ensure that the enhancements to the standard and guidelines meet the business needs of both the participating companies and the seed industry at large.  The participants will then implement the related messages and interfaces in order to validate the defined phase one functionality. For companies that were not involved in the original SC project, they will also use this time to implement the base functionality from the earlier SC project. It is anticipated that this part of the project will last approximately 120 calendar days and will required each company to provide the appropriate business and technical resources for weekly conference calls during this period.  Additional time will be need to implement these messages.  

The second phase of the SC-II project focuses on the Booking/Order Process and the enhancement to the standards and guidelines in order to support it. It should also be clear that we are talking about the interactions (on the wire) between trading partners that support the Booking/Order Process not the internal business processes. Initially the effort was centered on standards alignment. The team defined business use cases, business rules and define the messages and interfaces needed to support the Booking/Order Process.   Once defined the project member companies shift their focus to the implementation of the Booking/Order Process messages.

The companies that commit to the SC-II project are committing to participate in both phase one and two of the project.

Participating in the SC-II project offers AgGateway member companies a number of benefits. AgGateway’s collaborative project process is a proven methodology that yields results. In addition to helping shape the standards for the seed industry, project participants will also benefit from sharing best practices and building a working solution together with learning in the industry. They’ll put new technology and the latest AgGateway standards into practice and hopefully gain greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. 

If you are interested in learning more or interested in participating in the project should contact Nancy Appelquist (Project Manager - ).

For Members
AgGateway members can access the full documentation by clicking on the Seed II Connectivity Project under Working Groups > Projects.
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