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Future Projects
Enhanced Feed Connectivity (EFC)
Germplasm Project (GTTR)
Future & Planned Projects
This section houses information on future and planned projects, for AgGateway member reference. AgGateway welcomes new ideas for future projects. Members are encouraged to discuss new project ideas within their councils, and also are welcome to contact Member Services ( ) with thoughts or questions.

Crop Nutrient Council Ideas

  • Transportation (LoadTender/BOL) — to improve the transmission of the data: Such as Rail Carriers *Truck Carriers *Barge Carriers *Data Aggregators 
  • Other messaging capabilities – what else is available (WS, JSON, ??) 
  • Standardize customs (import/export) documentation and process electronically with major brokers and transport providers on shipments that cross country borders. 
  • Standardize and document the way subscribers sync their address data with AGIIS data. Utilize web service and processes for implementing new entities into internal databases from AGIIS. 
  • Automate rail rate information into a standard format (message) and distribute electronically to trading partners. 
  • Automate the distribution of price list via XML (with other segments). 
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA): Determine what proactive measures for tracking/ monitoring of hazardous material shipments can be taken in order to head off forthcoming regulations. 
  • Collaborative Forecasting—to be able to streamline process (standardize) with trading partners and updates. 
  • Overall review of orders that are rejected electronically. Identify the reason, and then have the project review ways to reduce the amount of reason, thus rejections. Have the industry set a benchmark for others to meet. 
  • Entities in AGIIS and whether they are registered in the state of tonnage tax (determines who pays the tonnage tax). 

Crop Protection Ideas

  • Unsolicited Order Response and Order Change for Crop Protection. 
  • Product Transfer Management 
  • Returnable Container asset identification 
  • Warehouse & tolling transactions 
  • Product Information & Registration – access to which states products are registered, DOT, PPE, and MSDS 

Feed Ideas

  • Order-to-invoice – implementation of the Enhanced Feed Connectivity (EFC) Project 
  • Weight certificates – standardize message to transmit the feed weight certificates 

Grain Ideas

  • Settlements – electronic message to transmit the settlement documents 
  • Weight certificates - standardize message to transmit the grain weight certificates 

Precision Ag Ideas

  • Telemetry - The telemetry project would help to promote the development of wireless data standards, implementation guidelines and wireless transfer protocols to enhance the ease of use (interoperability) and consistency of data from field machinery to computers 
  • Field to lab samples transmission – this would enable the creation and maintenance of a field sample data exchange 

Seed Ideas

  • Sales Reconciliation - to create a standardized format to reconcile the seed reporting to the marketing programs. 
  • Grower licensing – process to identify for booking process 
  • Treatment Reporting – revitalize GTTR Project (Germplasm, Traits, and Treatments) 
  • Intra- and Inter-company transfers - to standardize the reporting of seed transfers at all levels of the supply chain, and is inviting interested companies to participate. 

 Ornamental Hort 

  • Adapting AGIIS to Horticulture 
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Integration 
  • Cost/Price Data Exchange 
  • Real-time Inventory Allocation 
  • RFID & 2D Barcoding Shipping & Packaging 
  • Leveraging Mobile Technologies 
  • Reverse Purchase Order Exchange 

Multiple Segments

  • Real-time Seed, CP, CN & manure application from the farm equipment to central database (private) for track/trace capability, food safety & environmental compliance 
  • Auto Identifier Data Capture (AIDC) – barcoding, RFID, QR codes, Data Matrix and functional technologies to capture information automatically – review or create standard guidelines to implement these identifiers and understand the functional technologies available to capture the information.
For Members
AgGateway members may access the Future & Planned Projects Working Group by clicking here.
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