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Project Closure Process

To define the project closure process and related activities to insure that all required documentation is published, the communication is consistent and outlines the steps to be taken as a project wraps up and archived for future reference or use.

The Projects Manager (PM) in conjunction with the project governing body will determine the date on which the operations of the project will be declared completed.  The criteria for the operational completion will be defined in the project charter. The project governing body may change this definition by resolution and updated in charter.  

  1. The PM will monitor the criteria during the life of the project and will notify the project governing body when the criteria have all been met and the closure process will start. 
  2. The project governing body will by resolution, establish the project’s completion date.  The resolution will: 
    1. Clearly state the date upon which AgGateway sponsored project activities will cease, 
    2. Explicitly state that the governing body will be dissolved after the project completion date, and 
    3. Establish the amount, per project participant, of the distribution of any excess project funds or the billing instruction for any excess project expenses
  3.  Governing body members will complete the Project Closure Evaluation Form (see template Appendix A) provided by the PM and return it to the AgGateway CEO or authorized representative.  This form should be completed as the last formal action of the governing body prior to the project completion date. 
  4. Disbursement of any excess funds will be dispersed to the participant’s company or the participant’s AgGateway reserve accounts for future use by the member by AgGateway accounting. 
  5. The project completion date will be communicated to the AgGateway Management Team by the PM and the Management Team will communicate to the AgGateway Board of Directors.

Project Completion Criteria 

  1. Criteria for project completion must be established and documented in the project charter. 
  2. Completion and publication of all project documentation must be a criterion for every project.
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