Wednesday, December 07, 2016
Sales Reporting File Format
eConnectivity Tools

There are a number of tools – public and subscriber-only – that can help members with their efforts to implement eBusiness. You will need to become a member of AgGateway to access these sections of the website. Among these are:

  • ExcelRebel for Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting
  • Allied Provider Capabilities Matrix
  • Code Lists Used in XML

    List of the current Code Lists used in XML transactions:

    Unit of Measure Cross Reference Table  table that cross references the ANSI X12 (used in EDI) to the UN Recommendation 20 (used in XML).   

    Response Code List  listing of codes and how manufacturers handle errors (some may handle different than others).  

    Invoice Allowance/Charge Indicator Code List listing of codes for the invoice allowance and charge indicator for the XML invoice.

    Interactive Data Dictionary with Code Lists
    [Zip File] This is Version 5.0 Interactive Dictionary in a .zip format for downloading and installing on your computer desktop.  When prompted, click on the 'save' option to save the file to your computer.  After installation, you can click on the "Lists" to get the codes for each list.

  • NEXUSe2e
  • The Sales Reconciliation template is intended to help companies implement Ag eStandards interfaces for their businesss systems. It contains the element definition for the Excel format for manufacturers to use to send to distributors to help with the sales reconciliation process. This tool will assist in standardizing the monthly sales reconciliation format.

    This template is a 3-page document which includes a description page, a definitions page and the actual template.
    Please download the Excel Spreadsheet file here.

  • Web Services
    Navigating the eConnectivity landscape can be daunting at times, especially when there are existing legacy systems, legacy software and diverse operating systems and equipment which need to communicate with each other. It is critical to make sure that any software developed to maintain standards works equally well across any platform, operating system, and programming language.

    The OASIS Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Member Section advances Best Practices for selected groups of standards, across platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. WS-I comprises a diverse community of Web services leaders from a wide range of organizations.

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