The Strategic Planning Committee (formerly known as the Future Direction Committee) is a group of members convened every 2-3 years to develop a three-year strategic plan recommendation for the organization. The committee reports directly to the AgGateway Strategic Board of Directors. Its purpose is three-fold:

  • Periodically review the AgGateway vision and mission to validate that they are still appropriate and valid for the organization.
  • Review the current and future state of agriculture to identify challenges and opportunities for AgGateway. 
  • Review and revise as needed the current strategic plan and extend the plan into future years. 

The committee is reformed and reconvened every 2-3 years and usually completes its work in 4-6 months, at which time it is adjourned until needed again. The committee creates an actionable three-year strategic plan recommendation to AgGateway members through their councils.

Wendy Smith, AgGateway

Committee members will be listed when the committee is formed for its next planning session.

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