AgGateway’s Grain & Feed Council consists of companies in the grain, feed, oilseed and renewable fuel segments of the agricultural industry or in the industries or segments serving these segments in electronic business. The council represents, at a high level, the supply chain from delivery of grain from the producer to the delivery of feed to the producers.


To identify, develop and implement standards and guidelines intended to increase eBusiness efficiencies in the grain, feed and processing industries. The focus is on promoting food chain safety and confidence through review and recommendation of improved business processes, thereby reducing supply chain costs and increasing profitability through electronic business efficiencies in the grain and feed processing industries from producer to processor.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Promote the value of AgGateway and the accomplishments and activities of the Grain & Feed Council both internally and externally (non-members) to retain and acquire members.
  2. Increase multi-level and cross-functional engagement and understanding within member companies to foster council participation among new and current membership.
  3. Increase eBusiness connections among membership.
  4. Improve the grain and feed Industries’ knowledge and understanding of eBusiness, the business efficiencies and reporting benefits to be gained through connectivity. 

Working Groups

The council has two working groups, a Grain Working Group and a Feed Working Group, to look at pain points within the specific sectors. Each working group meets at least twice a year, and more often depending on the amount of work to be done. At least once a year these working groups consider the progress that has been made toward the council’s mission and their plans (setting goals) for the next year to help progress the mission. 


Our top activity is tracking commodity movement for field-to-process through the CART project (see below). We also work with resources like the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) to pass on information on government regulations to our membership. The council has members involved in the following industry eBusiness projects concerned with the feed and grain industries: 

  • Enhanced Feed Connectivity (this project is closed, but companies are able to use the project’s documentation) 
  • Paperless Tonnage Reporting (this project is closed, but companies are able to use the project’s documentation, and an industry-wide initiative continues) 
  • Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange-3 (SPADE3)/Commodity Automation for Rail & Truck (CART) – using the Commodities Movement schema

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Rich Adams, Key Cooperative

Steve Oberlander, CHS, Inc.

Vice-Chair Elect
Carissa Staples, Land O’ Lakes

Operational Board Representative
Mike Thronson, Control Systems Software, LLC

AgConnections, LLC


CHS, Inc

Cultura Technologies


Heartland Cooperative

Kahler Automation Corporation

Kuhn North America

Levridge, LLC

MFA, Inc.

Pinnacle Ag.


Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative

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