Thanks to the work of the Seed Council, eConnectivity is complete among several leading distributors, retailers and manufacturers for shipping, invoicing and reporting. The council continues to address "pain points" of connectivity and expand implementation.


The Seed Council will expand eBusiness participation and drive business value within our industry segment by enabling projects, growing membership and expanding the value of eBusiness.

Goals & Objectives

1. Expand eAgriculture through eConnectivity and Auto Identification Data Capture (AIDC).
  • Complete 183 seed connectivity planned connections by December 2018.
  • Have 500 seed connectivity messages working between retailer location and manufacturers by December 2018.
  • Have the top 5 seed manufacturers’ packaging barcoded with the AgGateway/ CRISTAL barcode standard by September 2018.
  • Increase Seed Council membership by 10% and meeting and work group participation by 25% by December 2018.
  • Increase awareness of seed connectivity and AIDC to ag retailers by 20% by December 2018.
2. Document the value of efficient business processes achieved through seed connectivity.
  • Seed Council members to create a business value document and tools on how eBusiness in seed allows companies to have more efficient business processes.
3. Enable eAgriculture through active projects that may include new eConnectivity message(s) development or projects "under study", such as developing business processes, use cases and assessing viability.

2016 Progress
  • Completed a value calculator to show time savings of implementing specific messages at the distributor and retail level.
  • Drafted a value flyer to promote the value of implementing.
  • Compiled a list of manufacturers and allied providers to get engaged.
  • Co-sponsored a webinar with Ag Retailers Association to reach out to new retailers and educate on messages and barcoding.
  • Actively supported and worked with AIDC task force to implement barcodes.
  • Surveyed retailers on issues preventing implementation.
  • Worked with Precision Ag’s WAVE (telematics) and AIDC task force on how efforts can be implemented or adapted for the farm/field level.
  • Sponsored follow-up meeting with Seed Connectivity Project participants to stay abreast of issues and successes.
Upcoming Activities
  • Develop additional materials (e.g., video) to tell the story of seed connectivity and the value when all channels and members are engaged.
  • Targeting Allied Providers to encourage implementation.
  • One-on-one discussions with manufacturers to move to complete implementation.
  • One-on-one discussions with retailers to implement.
  • Complete value calculator; Promote the value calculator to individuals interested in connecting.
  • Continue dialogue with seed companies who are implementing messages.
  • Continue to support AIDC task force efforts.
  • Continue work with Precision Ag WAVE (telematics).

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Anthony James, Syngenta

Alek Krenichyn, XS, Inc.

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Alek Krenichyn, XS, Inc.

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Jenna Johnson, WinField United


Agrium Inc.

AgVantage Software, Inc.

Brandt Consolidated, Inc

CDMS, Inc.

Ceres Solutions

Co- Alliance, LLP

Cultura Technologies

Dow AgroSciences


Fujitsu America, Inc


Heartland Cooperative

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC

J R Simplot Company

John Deere

Kahler Automation Corporation

Land O Lakes, Inc.

Levridge, LLC

MFA, Inc.

Monsanto Canada Inc

Monsanto Company

Nufarm Americas Inc.

Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc.

Pinnacle Ag


Purity Ag, LLC

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Uptake Technologies Inc

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