Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips as You Join Activities

New AgGateway members are encouraged to quickly become involved in discussions and to use AgGateway resources. Here are a few tips that can help as you jump in:

  • The AgGateway wiki: AgGateway's committees and other groups house their regular business (agendas, documentation, drafts, etc.) on the AgGateway wiki. The wiki makes it easy for groups to share thoughts and collaborate. To access the wiki, visit and click on the “Create an Account” link. AgGateway members have access to all the member content, while non-members have access to content that is posted as “public”.
  • Need a primer on how to use the wiki? Watch for periodic wiki orientation webinars from Member Services. Tips on using the wiki are posted here.
  • AgGateway's AgGlossary – Hear a term or acronym you don’t understand? can help! Use the search function to find a definition. 
  • Volunteer opportunities at AgGateway – AgGateway members set the organization's priorities and rally others in addressing pain points in the industry's transition to digital agriculture. Don't hesitate to ask the staff about how to raise an issue for discussion. 
  • Tour the website: Take a tour of AgGateway's digital resources in the Get Connected section, as well as current activities in the Current Work section. If you see something of interest, get involved! Join the next call or meeting, or ask Member Services to connect you with other members involved in those activities.