New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation

Welcome to AgGateway! AgGateway is truly a member-driven organization. Your fellow members look forward to hearing your ideas and collaborating with you to further implement eConnectivity in agriculture.

Here are seven suggestions to get you started:

  1. Join a new member orientation webinar. We hold these one-hour webinars quarterly – watch for a reminder or contact Member Services ( for the next date and time.
  2. Entrance "interview": Have you had a chat yet with Member Services? If not, contact us at to set a time for a brief entrance interview that will give us valuable information about your company and eConnectivity, and to help you get started.
  3. Consider asking for a mentor. Some AgGateway members have volunteered to serve as a mentor to new members, touching base to see if you have questions and connecting with you at an AgGateway meeting. Sound helpful? Contact Member Services. 
  4. Review the Communications Kit page for helpful materials on various activities within AgGateway.
  5. Review the Get Connected section of this website, especially the Orientation page. If you’re new to eConnectivity, you may want to:

      Watch the 18-minute eBusiness Readiness webinar video.
  6. Attend the next AgGateway meeting – Come to the Mid-Year Meeting in June or Annual Conference in November for a valuable face-to-face experience with fellow members. Watch the agenda for the first time attendee luncheon, and any events for new members, and be sure to attend! Consider becoming a meeting sponsor if you'd like your company to get more exposure with the AgGateway membership.
  7. Get involved! Participate on your calls or face-to-face meetings addressing issues important to your business. Chime in and contribute – we need your perspective and value your participation!

Questions? Let the staff or leadership know – we’re here to help! Feel free to contact Member Services ( with any questions.