March 25, 2023
PCR 245 – AGIIS Product Directory Modification – Indicator Digit

This enhancement is the result of a recommendation by AgGateway Working Group 16, Crop Protection Product Guidelines. The Working Group’s recommendation is to move away from a Package Level Indicator Code and move toward an Indicator Digit which is supported by GS1 Standards. This enhancement will only impact subscribers loading products into AGIIS.

Prior to this enhancement, the first digit of the GTIN 14 in AGIIS was referred to as a package level indicator code. Codes available for assignment were limited to the following:

0 - lowest saleable unit

2 - mutually agreed upon (To identify a container less than intermediate and above smallest consumer unit

3 – interim package

4 - mutually agreed upon (To identify a container smaller than standard shipping container and greater than intermediate

5 - standard shipping container

7 – standard pallet

8 – repack

9 – non-standard bulk

With this enhancement, AGIIS will be modified to use indicator digit logic instead of a package level indicator code. Modifications will be made to all places a GTIN is enumerated or calculated in AGIIS. This includes the web interface, web services and bulk processes. There will also be changes to web page verbiage, page level help and documentation.

The Indicator Digit logic will allow product owners to utilize an indicator digit of “0” – “9” for the creation of the GTIN with no restrictions or definitions as shown below. It will be up to each manufacturer to determine their own hierarchy, but should be applied consistently across all product lines.

Product owners are encouraged to publish their GTIN hierarchy on the AgGateway Wiki to assist trading partners. Click the link below to publish your hierarchy. In order to access this link, you must first be logged into the AgGateway Wiki.

GTIN Hierarchy

March 25, 2023
PCR 246 – AGIIS Address Line 1 System Edit Addition

AGIIS Line 1 System Edit Addition enhancement will ensure that entities added to the Directory via website, bulk process, or web services, will contain address only information in line 1 of the physical and mailing addresses. This enhancement was recommended by an AGIIS subscriber to help address confusion when address line 1 contains a grower name, or other non-address information.

This enhancement will ensure that address line 1 (physical or mailing) contains numeric digits, with the exception being, “C/O”, to designate “in care of”, which is often used within the Crop Protection industry to enumerate warehouse and storage locations.

With bulk submissions files, when address line 1 contains non-address information, return files will include a new error code, S308 with the description, “Address line1 contains non address information.”

When adding or updating an entity using the web interface, if non-address information is identified in address line 1 (physical or mailing) the warning message, "Address line 1 contains non address information", will be presented.

When this error message displays, the checkbox, "Ignore name and/or address warnings" will also be presented. If a user contends that the information in line 1 should be allowed in the directory, this box can be checked, causing the Add or Update transaction to be routed to the Directory Administrator for review. When doing so, it is recommended that comments are added to help the Directory Administrator make a determination.

In the example below, "Travis Hogan" is entered in line 1 of the physical address. The error message is presented along with the, "Ignore name and/or address warnings" checkbox. The user should either enter the address, "1 Arrowhead Dr" in line 1, and resubmit, or may check the checkbox, add comments, and submit to the Directory Administrator for review.

October 22, 2022
Two-Factor Authentication Enhancement

On Saturday, October 22, AGIIS was enhanced to require two-factor authentication to log into the AGIIS website. First level authentication is the successful entry of the AGIIS username and password. Second level authentication now requires the entry of a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) that is sent to the email address associated with the AGIIS user’s profile. The OTP will be valid for 15 minutes post generation. Users will only be required to provide a second-level authentication once per calendar day.

To log into the AGIIS website, enter your user name and password as shown below.

You will be presented the following system message notifying you to retrieve the 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) sent to your email address associated with your AGIIS user profile.

Locate the email from, as shown below.

You may copy and paste the 6-digit OTP, or simply enter it into the OTP field. You will notice that the Password field is grayed out. You will not need to re-enter your password. Once the 6-digit OTP is entered, click the Login button


A successful login will take you to the AGIIS Home Page.

July 2, 2022
Member Services Request, “Reviewed” Enhancement

On Saturday, July 2, AGIIS was enhanced to include a new data element, Member Services Review Date, shown on the Entity View and history pages as, "Mem Svc Review Date". This new data element was requested by the Directory Oversight Committee to provide subscribers additional insight on an entity record.

Today, subscribers may request that Member Services perform Verification, either by phone or internet search, to validate entity demographics. This is a fee-based service that must be requested by a subscriber. The verification type and date is displayed on the entity record.

There are times when Member Services performs a review of an entity even when Verification is not requested. For example, when a company is bought out, or goes out of business, Member Services may call the location or perform internet research before accepting or declining the update. Other times, Member Services may use online resources, like, or to verify who resides at an address or to validate an address. The Directory Oversight Committee felt it would be beneficial to know when this type of review was performed. The Member Services Review Date enhancement addresses this requirement.

The AGIIS Entity View page, showing the new data element, is displayed below. This record shows that Member Services performed a review of the entity on June 17, 2022 at 10:08 AM.

Below is the History page from this same entity. As shown, the Member Services Review Date also displays in Entity History.

Subscriber Impact

AGIIS Update Extracts, Subset Extracts, and Bulk Submission Return files will contain this new data element. If your organization consumes these files, you will need to account for the new data element.

Consumers of XML file formats that wish to consume the Member Services Reviewed Date data element will need to re-validate their XML schema as the schema has been updated with this enhancement. Subscribers wishing to re-validate their schema can do so in AGIIS by clicking on the "Files" Menu, then "Validate XML."

April 9, 2022
AGIIS Password Management Enhancement

AGIIS was enhanced to require stronger user passwords, and to allow users to reset a forgotten password.

New passwords must contain the following criteria:

  • 1 Upper-Case Letter
  • 1 Lower-Case Letter
  • 1 Number
  • 1 Special Character
  • No Spaces
  • Between 8 and 20 Characters

The first time a user logs into AGIIS, they will be required to select three security questions and responses. Responses are case sensitive. Steps to create these security questions are detailed below.

Setting Security Questions

  1. Log into AGIIS with your username and password
  2. You will be presented with the screen below
  3. Use the dropdown to select a security question for question #1
  4. Provide an answer to security question #1.
    1.  Answers to security questions are case sensitive. For example, if the answer you provide is “Kansas City”, when asked to answer a security question later, “Kansas” and “City” must be capitalized to pass validation.
  5. Repeat for security questions #2 and #3
  6. Click Save


Steps to Strengthen an Existing Password

  1. Log into AGIIS
  2. Hover over the “Administration” tab
  3. Click on “My Profile”
  4. Enter New Password
    1. Password Strength is indicated in Upper Left-hand corner. Best practice is to create a strong password.
  5. Confirm Password
  6. Click Submit

Once password is accepted and updated, an email confirmation is sent to the email address on file for the user letting the user know that their password was updated.

New functionality was added to allow a user to reset a password if it is forgotten.

Steps to Reset Password (Forgotten Password)

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Forgotten Password Link
  3. Enter your User ID and click “Go”
  4. Your 3 security questions will populate
  5. Answer all three security questions
  6. Click “Verify Answers” button
  7. Check your email for a password reset link
  8. Enter new password
  9. Confirm new password
  10. Click “Save”



February 5, 2022
PCR 238 – AGIIS API INTEGRATION to MyAgGateway (AgGateway’s Association Management System)

To help streamline the AGIIS billing process and help facilitate AGIIS reporting, PCR 238 was implemented on February 5, 2022. This solution integrates MyAgGateway’s API’s into AGIIS for certain fields already in AGIIS prior to the enhancement, as well as additional data elements added as part of this enhancement. On a nightly basis, AGIIS will capture the data elements in AGIIS listed below and populate them within MyAgGateway (New data elements added to AGIIS because of this PCR are indicated below):

One requirement of this enhancement is to display a subscriber’s Authorized Vendor name and contact information so that it can be pushed into MyAgGateway. To accommodate this request, a new data table, AUTH_VNDR was created to capture Vendor Name, Contact Name and Email Address. A new link was added to the AGIIS Administrator menu named “Authorized Vendors.” There is also a new Search page, Results page, and Add/Edit page to support this functionality.

  1. AGIIS Active/Inactive Flag
  2. GLN – Global Location Number
  3. Subscriber Type
  4. AGIIS Business Name
  5. AGIIS DBA Name
  6. AGIIS Primary Contact
  7. Primary email address
  8. AGIIS Secondary Contact
  9. Secondary email address
  10. Subset Size (Small, Medium, Large) – New Data Element
  11. GLN Subset Count
  12. EBID Subset Count
  13. Authorized Vendor Name – New Data Element
  14. Authorized Vendor Contact – New Data Element
  15. Authorized Vendor Contact Email Address – New Data Element

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