Latin America

AgGateway Latin America on YouTube

By José Alexandre Loyola, AgGateway Latin America Regional Director

In the past few weeks we have started a series of initiatives on social media to disseminate practical and relevant knowledge about data integration and interoperability, and standardization in the field. On our YouTube channel we have featured professionals from companies that have been using precision and digital agriculture technologies for some time. The first “live” was with Ronaldo Proceski, Agricultural Controller of GGF Agro, a company that produces grains on more than 120 thousand hectares. The second “live” focused on sugarcane cultivation, bringing Rogério Nícola, Technology and Automation Manager at COFCO; and André Lombardi de Almeida, a sugar cane and soy producer. We invite you to listen to these informative interviews.

This month, stay tuned to our social networks to access the schedule, as we will have more interesting lives focused on the user challenges of digital and precision technologies.

Also, we held a member meeting on October 4 to update our members on ongoing marketing projects and actions. The meeting covered initiatives by some members such as Nutrien, which is launching a concept of Customer Experience Centers. The group also reviewed a new proposal for the regulation of agricultural data, which is being discussed in the Brazilian congress.

Does your company have operations or interest in Latin America? Let me know if you would like more information or want to be involved, by contacting me through Member Services at