AgGateway 2020

Plans Take Shape for AgGateway 2020

This month the Strategic Board and staff are putting more detail to ideas about AgGateway 2020. As noted by Board Chair Tim McArdle in the newsletter last month, these changes will be designed to “create a more nimble organization, focus on priorities important to the members, break down internal silos, facilitate better utilization of time and resources, position AgGateway for growth, and position AgGateway as the leader in enabling the transition to digital agriculture technologies.”

This month the board will run the plan by AgGateway’s leadership – including the Operational Management Board, and Council and Committee chairs and vice-chairs, on a webinar, followed by a face-to-face meeting in April hosted by Land O’ Lakes in Minneapolis. In the meantime, all AgGateway members are welcome to share thoughts and ideas on the AgGateway 2020 wiki page.