AgGateway Global Network Overview

AgGateway Global Network (AGN), was founded in 2015 by global-minded AgGateway members as a separate, affiliate organization to expand the use of eConnectivity and the collaborative efforts that AgGateway began in North America to other regions of the world.

Through AGN, regional organizations will share and contribute to the AgGateway Open Standards and Implementation Guidelines, and will work to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture globally. One regional organization – AgGateway Europe – has already been established, and efforts are under way for affiliate organizations in Latin America, Asia and other regions.

Current Updates

The AGN Board has selected Jim Wilson to succeed Rod Conner as AGN President. (Jim also continues to serve as Standards Director for AgGateway). Rod Conner assumed the roles of AGN’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and will also focus on AgGateway Latin America development.

AgGateway Europe

Work continues on developing SPADE Europe and Identity projects. AGN is coordinating a webinar series on a variety of eConnectivity issues and ag priorities for interested companies in AgGateway Europe and AgGateway Latin America. AgGateway members are also coordinating a series of meetings to reduce the gap between the ADAPT data model and the UN/CEFACT data model.

AgGateway Latin America

Interested companies are participating in AGN’s webinar series on eConnectivity. AGN is beginning to work with Latin American companies to develop a charter for SPADE Latin America.

AgGateway Australasia

Rod Conner has held several productive meetings with interested companies in Australia and New Zealand to discuss the concept of an AGN organization there.

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