The Crop Protection Canada Connectivity (CPCC) Project’s purpose is to streamline the crop protection supply chain in Canada by implementing industry defined business processes and functions, and electronically connecting using an industry standard set of messaging tools. CPCC participants will increase efficiencies and reduce the cost of doing business by using a proven approach already in use in the Crop Protection industry.


In 2004-2006 the crop protection industry in the U.S. conducted a connectivity project to connect trading partners for the order-to-invoice process as well as inventory and sales reporting electronically. Currently the U.S. is conducting business electronically for approximately 70+% of domestic purchases. The Canadian crop protection industry recognizes the value of electronic connectivity and is working to adapt the tools used in the U.S. to meet its specific needs.

Project Details


Heather Byrne Moumdjian, NA eBusiness Lead, DuPont Crop Protection - chair of governing committee 


The Canadian crop protection companies saw the value the U.S. companies gained from the benefits of eConnectivity, so they created this project in 2014. The group has created a self-directed implementation phase. 


Increase eConnectivity in the crop protection companies within Canada for the order-to-invoice processes. 


  • Improve the supply chain by implementing the exchange of selected XML-based messages that support the order-to-invoice business process. This goal will be achieved by 4Q2017 as evidenced by the exchange of selected messages between two major distributors/channel partners and 4 manufacturers in a production environment. 
  • Improve customer service and achieve response-time improvements for all participants. 

Current Activities: 

  • Project participants are meeting quarterly to report progress on connectivity. 
  • There have been two successful projects moving forward with connectivity - DuPont Canada and Richardson International – connectivity for Order and Order Response; and BASF and United Suppliers – Order, Order Response, Invoice and Ship Notice.

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