Saturday, April 19, 2014

Canada Crop Protection Project Underway
Companies working on AgGateway’s Crop Protection Canada Connectivity (CPCC) Project have taken the first steps toward streamlining the crop protection supply chain in Canada, increasing efficiencies and reducing the cost of doing business among agri-businesses. Read more...

Register Now for the 2014 Mid-Year Meeting
Register now for the Mid-Year Meeting, June 9-12th at the Prairie Meadows Race Track & Casino in Altoona, Iowa. Read more...

Our members talk about eBusiness

AgGateway has launched a redesigned website for the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) at The new AGIIS website has improved design, navigation and functionality across a full suite of web browsers. About 150 companies subscribe to AGIIS, which today contains 4.8 million uniquely identified entities (Businesses, Consumers, and Locations) and over 60,000 agricultural product codes.  Read more >

New - Ag eStandards Release 5.3!
AgGateway has published the Ag eStandards Release 5.3, which includes new messages to support fertilizer tonnage reporting, feed tonnage reporting and seed booking processes. “This is one of the biggest standard releases in years for agribusiness,” said AgGateway Standards Director Jim Wilson. Thanks go out to the AgGateway Seed Council, Crop Nutrition Council, Standards & Guidelines Committee and the Open Applications Group (OAGi). Download the release here. (Registration or member log-in is required.) Read more >

TFI Contributes $25,000 for Tonnage Project Web Portal  The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) is contributing $25,000 to the collaborative Paperless Tonnage Reporting Project, to develop a web portal to help small businesses in the fertilizer industry achieve enhanced operational efficiency. Read more >

Project Activity

Auto Information Data Capture Project (AIDC)
AIDC includes technologies such as bar codes, Radio Frequency Identification, magnetic strips, and smart cards. Given its benefits, a new task force is working to define what type of AIDC project AgGateway members desire (e.g., guidelines, implementation, etc.), creating a charter for that project, and getting approval by the various councils interested. See the AIDC Project page.


Crop Nutrient Connectivity (CNC-II)
Crop Nutrition Council Chair Michael Carrabine reports that the council is having a strong year for making connections, and work on CNC-II is proceeding. Read more…

See also the CNC-II Project page.

Seed Connectivity (SC-II)
A total of 22 companies are involved with the project. Phase I was completed in June; Phase II has begun and is slated for completion next June (2014). See SC-II Project page.

Tonnage Reporting (TRP)
After a successful pilot, AgGateway has closed this project so that it can be continued by the fertilizer industry. There is widespread agreement to the goal of paperless tonnage reporting by the end of 2016! The new Paperless Tonnage Reporting Project has begun a 3.5-year nationwide initiative for full implementation. The project is a collaborative effort among the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO), The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) and AgGateway. See 

Precision Ag Irrigation Leadership (PAIL)
AgGateway’s Precision Ag Council and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance are co-sponsoring this cross-industry project that will help growers better manage water and energy use by integrating weather, soil, crop and other data from various hardware and software programs. The PAIL Project will improve irrigation by developing “a common set of data standards and protocols used across the ag industry,” said Terry Schlitz, PAIL Project chairperson. See the PAIL Project page.

Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange (SPADE)
See the “News” column this page on SPADE2. Also see the SPADE Project page.

Crop Protection Canada Connectivity (CPCC)
With 10 companies participating, this project targeted at the crop protection business in Canada is slated to run through December 2015. See the CPCC Project page.

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