Boosting supply chain efficiency with eConnectivity –
the seamless exchange of information.
Electronic communications
between Precision Ag systems
nears reality
“AgGateway provides a place for retailers, distributors
and manufacturers to have an equal voice at the table
as decisions are being made.”
–Jeff Griffeth, Co-Alliance LLP
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  • New Technology Will Merge Farm-Management Data, Syngenta’s Thrive magazine, Summer 2017 
  • eConnectivity Helps Retailers Reduce Seed Shrink and Serve Farmers Better, Farm Journal’s AgPro – July 7, 2017
  • ADAPT: Getting devices to all sing from the same sheet, Farm World – July 2017  

The next AgGateway Orientation Webinar - Tuesday, October 24 at 2:00-3:00 pm ET

This webinar provides a background on AgGateway and how to get involved. It's geared toward new members and people just getting involved in AgGateway.

Ag Retailers and Manufacturers: Want to learn more about barcoding and other ways to go paperless? Check out our resources, including a new video with testimonials, here.

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Using AgGateway Resources to Boost Your Business – Watch this quick overview of the many resources AgGateway offers to help get you connected!

Product Identifiers Boost Business Efficiency
Companies are using unique identifiers to dramatically improve efficiency. The main resource is AgGateway’s AGIIS directory. Check out what users are saying.

Benefits of AgGateway Membership

Share information more easily

Improvements in how you share information with customers – Less manual data entry, better use of human resources, more effcient and accurate data management, better traceability, cost reductions.

Strengthen relationships with trading partners

Strengthened relationships with trading partners at the table, and ability to forge relationships with potential new business partners.

Help create the standards you need

The ability to shape new standards and processes to best fit your organizational needs.

Get early access to new standards

First access to emerging standards so your company will know how to leverage them for maximum benefit.

Enjoy members-only benefits

Access to Members-only resources to assist in implementing eBusiness — resources that are widely accepted and used in the industry today.

Get discounts for AgGateway meetings

Reduced costs for AgGateway meeting registrations.