AgGateway Co-Produces Workshop on Interoperability; View the Videos Now


AgGateway Co-Produces Workshop on Interoperability; View the Videos Now

By Jim Wilson, AgGateway Chief Technical Officer

AgGateway recently collaborated on a series of workshop sessions on interoperability in farm operations. While the series was designed for the New Zealand agriculture industry, much of it is universal in its focus on the basics and benefits of seamless exchange of information in farm operations.

The realities of COVID-19 required the planned six-hour face-to-face event to be transformed into four 90-minutes webinars, which are now publicly available: The four workshops include:

  • Workshop 1: Jim Wilson presents a framework for interoperability, the role of standards, the pursuit competitive advantage (value), and the global and regional influencers.
  • Workshop 2: A shared understanding of business processes as a prerequisite for robust data standards.
  • Workshop 3: Data management
  • Workshop 4: Interoperability implications for New Zealand agribusiness. Moderated by Kenneth Irons, Member of the boards of PAANZ and AgriTechNZ and CEO of Precision Farming Ltd NZ; and featuring these presenters: Sir Bill English, 39th Prime Minister of New Zealand; Alexey Rostapshov, Head of John Deere Labs; David Downs, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE); Andrew Cooke, Managing Director of Rezare Systems; and Jim Wilson, AgGateway CTO and OAGi CEO.

The sessions are the result of an ongoing collaborative effort between AgGateway and The Open Applications Group (OAGi). The goal was two-fold: To provide a resource to implementers and their management resulting in interoperability improvements; and to encourage consideration of membership in AgGateway and/or OAGi as a means toward improving interoperability.

Our thanks also to the Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand (PAANZ), the organizers of MobileTECH Ag 2020, and Agritech New Zealand, for supporting the event.