Interactive Workshop Examines Cultural Barriers to Tech Adoption

Pre-Conference Workshop

Interactive Workshop Examines Cultural Barriers to Tech Adoption

By Paul Schrimpf, Director of Marketing and Communications

Plan to arrive early on Monday, June 13 for this special 90-minute program, presented by Land O’Lakes. The session will start at 9:00 am.

When technology adoption stalls within an ag retail operation, the culprit often has more to do with the business itself rather than the technology. A lack of value understanding by key leadership, poor buy-in from the top, and misalignment of B2B opportunities with current processes can derail plans and cause disillusionment about new technology adoption among employees and managers.

In this special pre-conference workshop, “Tackling Adoption Barriers Beyond Technology,” Land O’Lakes managers share their experiences on the front lines and provide advice and insight on how to move the needle on B2B technical implementation, says Gary Hicks, Director / Senior IT Consultant - Ag Retail IT Solutions Team at Land O’Lakes. Hicks will lead the session with support from others on the LOL management team.

“B2B connectivity and the technology that supports it have been available for many years,” says Hicks. “They’ve been successfully implemented and leveraged for value in many industries, including retail and food. Yet we struggle in the Ag Retail industry to get solid and progressive adoption for seed and crop protection product fulfillment.

“Through our experiences and learnings at Land O’Lakes,” Hicks continues, “we now understand that an organization’s cultural/people readiness and B2B’s alignment to key processes are critical success factors to adoption and value-realization.”

After an initial 30-minute presentation from Land O’Lakes sharing the company’s own challenges, mistakes, and learnings on the subject, attendees will form small groups and be expected to share and discuss the challenges they’ve encountered.

“Each table will be asked to have a discussion around some key questions,” says Hicks, “including their view on the approach discussed in the opening session, would they see that approach working in their own organizations, and what one or two action items they will take back to their organizations.”

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